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Tanamerah Farm Bulk Buy beef box

12.0 kg
$215.00 $254.00


We have run out of stock for this item.

A box of grass fed, grass finished beef, direct from our paddock to your plate! Stock the freezer and save$


2 packs beef sausages ($18 per kilo)

2 packs of beef mince ($20 per kilo)

2 x kilos diced steak ($22 per kilo)

2 x (2) pack of porterhouse steak ($20ea)

2 x (2) pack of rump ($15ea)

1 x osso bucco ($22 per pack)

1 x supersize roast ($70)

Over 12 kilos

Value $254

Tanamerah Farm is owned and run by the Preston family in Mooliabeenee, just a few kms from Bindoon town.

The farm uses regenerative farming techniques such as rotational grazing and soil amelioration to ensure maximum nutrition and high quality feed. Cattle are range grazed in a natural and stress-free environment, and of course are 100% grass fed and finished. Resulting in a meat which is flavoursome and high in nutrients.