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Tanamerah Lamb Freezer Box

$119.00 $145.00


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A great value box to stock your freezer!


1 x lamb leg roast (1.8k)

1 x lamb rolled shoulder roast (2k)

1 x large pack lamb loin chops (10)

2 x pack lamb forequarter chops (8)

1 pack lamb ribs 

Approx *9 kilo total
*please note weights fluctuate between animals so these weights are approximate

(Value $138.20)

Tanamerah Farm Lamb is a grass fed Dorper/Damara cross bred lamb naturally raised in the Mooliabeenee Hills near Bindoon by the Preston family.

Like all farmers, we believe our home-grown lamb is the best! If you have ever tasted Dorper lamb before, you will know is has quite a unique, sweet flavour quite different from the woolly or oily flavour from Merinos (although we know Merino farmers beg to differ :-)) 

Our farm is regeneratively managed which means good quality grass high in natural minerals, and no additives or grains.