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West Australian Desert Salt Flakelets - 150g

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Our Flakelets are loved by the best chefs in Australia. They are easily finger sprinkled on the food ad they taste delicious.

Mizzi's has a licensed salt farm in Doodlakine, Western Australia. Our large chunky salt flakeslets come from our clean pure underground ancient artesian mineral rich , brine springs (15% of salt, minerals and natural acids) UNLIKE polluted oceans full of micro plastics, sewage, radioactive materials and heavy metals. We use only solar power to so we are totally CLIMATE FRIENDLY unlike others that use gas to make their salt.

The harsh desert sun, clays and minerals make our unique salt flakes. They are hand picked from our clay pans, they are large mild tasting flakes with a tinge of sweetness to them and a crunchy bite. They are very versatile and will add beautiful plate decoration around seafood, meats and other food. Due to its mildness, these large flakes can be sprinkled on the food directly as a finishing salt to add crunch. The flakes can be broken down into a smaller consistency using a food processor without effecting their taste.