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West Australian Desert Salt Flakelets – 450g

0.45 kg


Our crunchy desert salt flakelets are the king of salt! Hand picked from floating salt flower flakelets with a light texture that are full of magnesium and other minerals thus giving the salt a full mild taste that is enjoyed for a long time. This salt is a finishing salt.

We let the delicate flakelets an extra day in the brine to get the crunch and additional flavour.

In the morning we Hand Pick floating salt flakelets from clay pans from our organic salt farm in the semi desert of Doodlakine in Western Australia. Its made from pure and clean underground brine, full of minerals from ancient seas and sunshine. Our salt flakes are made in open clay pans.

  • Totally pure and natural using only the brine and the sun.
  • NO fossil fuel and NO Chemicals used.
  • Support and Buy Australian Products.