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Whole Tanamerah Lamb in-a-box

12.5 kg


2 in stock

Sides of lamb include:

Loin chops, forequarter chops, leg roast, shoulder roast, shanks, neck chops, lamb sausages and a bag of bones. All expertly cut and packaged by Dan at The Gingin Butcher and ready to eat or freeze.

Average price per kilo is $14.50.

These lambs are approx 20 kilos dressed, smaller than usual due to the season.

Our Dorper/Damara lamb has a unique taste – clean and sweet. Try it and be converted! The Dorper breed originated in South Africa and is a hardy, versatile fast growing sheep with a black or partly black face. These cross bred lambs are self shedding and spend their life freely roaming the Mooliabeenee Hills. They have never eaten grains or pellets, and are grass fed and finished.

They have lived a natural life with a large free-range herd on our healthy, well-maintained land where we use regenerative farming techniques such as rotational grazing. Expertly prepared by Gingin butcher, you'll enjoy a range of cuts including delicious chops, rolled shoulder and butterflied leg.